CBA for Transportation

CBA simplifies insurance management so that transportation companies can focus on running their business.

How CBA Helps Transportation Companies

CBA saves you time, headaches, worry and potentially losses by consolidating your systems and record keeping.

Easy access to information

With CBA, everyone has access to the same correct information. You do not need to worry about managing data in spreadsheets, files, and reports. Information is captured in one place and current.

Fast approval

CBA notifies your insurer if binding approval is needed. The insurer is automatically notified and able to quickly provide the necessary approval.

Immediate document preparation

CBA intelligently selects the right forms and populates them with the correct information already in CBA. Documents are then stored with the appropriate party in CBA. There is no need to wait for the necessary documents to get your drivers on the road.

Document storage and sharing

Store applications and other documents then share them with your insurance partners.

Accurate settlements

CBA accurately calculates premium so that you can collect the proper premium. Your records will balance to the broker and insurance company records.

Process guidance

Smart wizards ask the right questions to collect all the correct information.

Secure information storage

Information moves from file cabinets and folders to CBA where multiple stakeholders can securely access it, understand and utilize it.

Always available

CBA is hosted in the cloud and always available on the Internet. You do not need to install special software to use CBA.