CBA for Insurance

CBA enforces your underwriting rules, delivers your custom documents, and calculates premiums using your specifications.

How CBA Helps Insurance Companies

CBA is an extension of your business. CBA enforces your underwriting rules and delivers your custom documents. CBA tracks all data necessary to service claims.

Enforces underwriting rules

CBA supports your policy requirements by notifying you immediately if an insured does not meet eligibility guidelines.

Generates custom documents

CBA generates your custom documents and makes those documents immediately available. Documents are stored electronically with an insured’s account for easy reference.

Accurately calculates premiums

CBA accurately calculates premiums using your business rules ensuring correct premium is billed to the insured and collected.

Reduces exposure

CBA reduces insurance company exposure and improves broker relationships by enforcing underwriting guidelines when on-boarding new clients. CBA mitigates insurance gap risk.

Always available

CBA is accessible from anywhere, on any device, at any time so that insurance companies and claims representatives can expedite claims.

Reduces operating costs

CBA reduces administrative costs by creating custom documents, correctly calculating premiums, enforcing underwriting rules, and consolidating necessary data in one place that is accessible to all parties.

Coverage verification

CBA provides easy access to historical information for verification of coverage to expedite claims processing.