CBA for Brokers

CBA protects your agency’s interests by providing online real-time tools that clearly indicate if an insured is eligible for insurance.

How CBA Helps Brokers

CBA helps agencies substantially reduce their administrative burden which can help them retain a larger percentage of their commissions.

Reduced exposure

Underwriting rules are enforced. Only those eligible for coverage are covered. You always know the coverage status of your clients.

Client retention

With CBA, you can quickly onboard clients and issue documents. CBA enforces insurance underwriting rules so that you immediately know if a client qualifies for insurance. The quick turnaround for these processes improves client relationships and helps you retain clients.

Commission retention

CBA reduces program administration costs allowing you to retain a larger percentage of your commissions.

Strengthened client relations

CBA protects the relationship between the agent, transportation company, and insurance company by providing shared access to all records. You can avoid frustrations caused by email and phone communications.

Increased revenue opportunity

You are able to quickly bind coverage and confidently handle client requests. Strong client relations make it easier to grow your business and retain clients.